Here’s a funny Diabetic story.

Several years ago my wife and I bought a new carpet for our home. The day after the installers finished the job Cindy and I went to bed around 10:00PM. I had done my usual eating and insulin that night. About two hours later Cindy woke up and noticed me standing a few feet away from the bed chasing off spaceships. She jumped up and ran down stairs to get me some juice. Shortly she came upstairs with the juice and offered it to me.

In a slurring voice I told her “I don’t need any juice and you can’t make me drink it.” (some overly honest guy, huh?) I took the glass from her and poured the contents on the carpet. Then I said “I’m going out for a walk.” Note (this is embarrassing to say) : I don’t sleep with any clothes on. Yes, I was naked! I didn’t know it at the time, but Cindy had already called the paramedics and they were on the way to my home.

Anyway, I left the house –totally nude– and went for my walk. As the paramedics were driving on my street they noticed a man walking without clothes. Yes folks, there I was in my glory! They got me, wrapped me in a blanket and took me home.

Once at home they put an IV in me, gave me a glucose injection, checked my blood pressure and pulse, checked my blood glucose levels and waited until I became conscious again. I didn’t have a clue what had happened until Cindy explained everything to me. I was “out of it.”

Here’s the moral of the story. Even though you think you know and nothing is ever going to happen to you, things do happen in life so always wear something to bed. Stay out of trouble; don’t ever pour juice on your brand new carpet. Your wife will let you go for a walk, a long walk! (I’m funny right?)

Here is something to think about:

In the evening check your blood sugar level about 11/2 hours after dinner, especially if you’re a Type 1 diabetic.

As I get older I have noticed it takes a while after dinner for my blood sugar level to be accurate. For example, I eat a really low carbohydrate  dinner, check my sugar level ½ hour later and it’s low. I don’t take any insulin. I go out, come back a couple hours later and it is 245 or something crazy like that. I can’t figure it out sometimes and I have a lot of experience with diabetes.

When I ask other diabetics, doctors or nutritionists, none really have an answer. Everyone has advice to give you but remember every diabetic is different, has a different body and reacts differently. Some ideas work, some don’t.

Now here’s the real moral to the story. Especially if you’re a Type 1 Diabetic, check your blood glucose before you go to bed at night. Things happen!

Share some funny stories from your diabetic journey below, I love to hear people’s experiences!