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Discovering Excellent Health Book is a collection of Life-Changing Wisdom ranging from new ideas in self-improvement to alternative methods of healing. From acquiring sound financial health to relationship health and amazing nutritional information. From spiritual awareness to attitude development. This book is not your typical new fad eat right and exercise book. This book contains uncommon wisdom about health and wellness.


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Print Length: 260 pages
SIPP: EH 106171-1003055
Publisher: S3 Press  (May 2017)
Sold by: SAbER Mountain, Inc.
Language: English

It IS a Laughing Matter Book
You might be the number one reason you haven’t got a handle on your health…
In my book, “It IS a Laughing Matter”, I share my own journey that has been burdened by serious medical conditions including Type 1 Diabetes. I will show you how five simple principals helped me take back control of my health and how these principles can do the same for you.

Paperback ($14.95) & Kindle Edition ($6.95)

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Print Length: 140 pages
SIPP: LA106141-1003010
Publisher: S3 Press  (Second Edition January 2015)
Sold by: SAbER Mountain, Inc.
Language: English

In this insightful Little Moment Die-Hard Don’t Wannabe Diabetic book you will discover the journey to Positive Healing while living with diabetes or your medical condition.

This 88 page Little Moment book is perfect to share wisdom with someone who may need some Positive Healing or a point in the right direction.

Included in the insightful book:
• Your mental ATTITUDE
• Your commitment to DISCIPLINE
• A good sense of HUMOR
• A support system of FAMILY
• Plus a strong FAITH that soothes your heart, mind and soul.

Paperback ($7.95)

The Positive Healing Program

Positive Healing System Complete 72dpi
This comprehensive healing system was designed by Chuck Hahn to help people with ‘medical and other life challenges’ change their bad habits and feelings of defeat using 5 proven Principles that he has actually lived himself:This proven CD/DVD and workbook combination will: Change your Life Attitude
Help you develop
Discipline to do the things necessary to stay healthy
Help you learn the importance of
Humor in your life
Demonstrate the importance of
Family in your life, and
Show why having Faith is important, especially if you have no one to talk to that understands???

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You, your family and your friends will be grateful to have and use this 
“Positive Healing System”

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It IS a Laughing Matter Audio

DVDcase-72 This is the Audio version of the book read by Chuck Hahn himself.This program includes:

  • 3 CDs of entire book
  • 1 DVD – Special Interview of Chuck and a surprise trumpet performance.


Retail Price $19.95