This is Chuck Hahn the Positive Healing Expert. I titled this short article “I Want you to be a Winner” because you may not be right now. But, inside you really know you are and can be. Maybe you have a Medical Challenge in your life that is constantly on your mind. And, your saying to yourself, WHY ME? Have you given up because your deep depression has stopped you from continuing on the success track that has YOUR name on it? If this is true READ ON.

I met a man at my gym who had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He is about 59 years old. Here’s what stood out about him. First, he had been healthy all his life until one day he began to feel tired and weak. He thought nothing of it for a few days and then, yes folks, all of a sudden, after being tested for various ailments, doctors found his blood sugar A1C was a staggering 9.3 (normal in younger people is below 6. These are estimates and you should consult your physician for testing to determine your actual A1C Level). He was diabetic now.

Second, he told me about his high level of depression as a result of this diagnosis. He said “heck with it there’s nothing I can do.” So he did nothing for a couple of years. No Discipline.

Third, he told me he now has serious kidney problems and needs a transplant, he’s weak all the time, and he thinks he’s going to have either open heart surgery, or stints put into his heart. He said all because of Diabetes.

Fourth, he is losing his eyesight because of a Diabetic eye disease called “Retinopathy.” He is not only scared, but also discouraged and depressed. Attitude

IDEA:  Here’s a problem that many of us have after being diagnosed with medical challenges. What are we going too do? Start by taking someone you really care about to dinner. Don’t worry about the cost just remember your going to have fun and enjoy yourself. Get Out, get started and have fun. As small a thing as this sounds, it’s something you’ll remember because for a moment you will forget all your problems and concentrate on who your with. So, don’t talk about your “mess” and just have FUN. A new door will open in your life

As a COACH with over 41 years experience having severe medical challenges, I know how to guide and direct people down a path that changes the negative attitude, lack of discipline and other bad habits, into a happy, more content and fulfilled life. I can do this because I started right where you are and developed and lived over the past 41 years five life changing principles. My Positive Healing System and my personal coaching will give you a new excitement about being alive. Together we will turn negatives into positives, and you will open new doors and have a much healthier and happier life. Also good habits will give you a desire to live a much longer and more fulfilled life.

I want you to be a winner! My programs are for the many of you who want to repair what has been taken away from you. Can you see yourself “on the way up again?”

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