Are you having a lousy day? A few days ago I woke up, after a great nights’ sleep, feeling discouraged and depressed. I had no reason to feel this way, but there I was down and out. I started thinking “what’s the matter with me? I don’t do this.” Do I have to go downstairs and check my blood sugar level? I don’t want to. In a few minutes I would be going to San Diego Naval Hospital for an appointment with my Diabetic Endocrinologist and I didn’t want to do this. Later in the day I would have an appointment with a client who, by the way, was not my favorite person to visit. And even later, I had to go to the gym and I didn’t feel like it. Already sounds like a fun day, doesn’t it?

As a 42 year veteran Diabetic I have many days I do not feel like doing a thing other than wallowing in my little pity party. Why me? (maybe you relate to this) This thinking is a big deal on days like this. Here is how I have learned to overcome these awful feelings and how you can too.

First, say to yourself over and over again “I’ve had worse days. Come on overcomer, I can get over this.” If that doesn’t work, then divert your thinking process from the negative to something that you may want to do in the future. And, if that doesn’t work, call a good friend who always puts you in a good mood. I call my wife when I’m down and out and she encourages me. This/these is/are the first step(s) in turning your day around. Your support systems count!

Second, go out and treat yourself to breakfast. Don’t just sit around and get more depressed and discouraged. Also, try not to analyze your “today” problem. When I have focused so much energy on the problem, I have always gotten more discouraged, more depressed and more negative.

Third, and very important is, do not spend your day talking about diabetes, open-heart surgery, cancer or other malfunctions you have to live with. Force these thoughts out of your mind and try to be with people who “don’t complain everyday.” A positive mind makes a positive life.

Fourth and finally, think of one FUN thing you’re going to do after all the bad stuff from that day goes away. This way you have something to look forward to that makes you happy.

This is Chuck Hahn the Positive Healing Coach and Expert.

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