We‘re all so serious so often that it becomes habit. Here is something that is not so serious and perhaps will make you laugh.

Several years ago my wife and I put a new carpet in our home. A couple days after the job was done I went to bed at my usual time. In the middle of the night my wife woke up seeing me standing on our new carpet driving space ships away. She knew immediately that my blood glucose had dropped to a very dangerous level so she ran down stairs and got me some fruit punch to drink. She came back up and said, “Chuck, drink this, and I said no and you can’t make me.” Well, I poured the fruit punch on our brand new carpet, told her I was going for a walk and out the door I went totally nude (I don’t sleep with any clothes on). Fun!

She was so mad at me for pouring the punch on the carpet she simply said “go, they’ll find you.” She had already called the Paramedics.

Yes, they found me walking down the street totally nude! The paramedics covered me in a blanket and brought me home.

Moral of this story is:

1. Don’t go out nude at night.

2. Don’t get hypoglycemic or

3. Don’t pour punch on your brand new carpet

Of course it’s number 3!

This is Chuck Hahn the Positive Healing Expert.

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