Ignoring Diabetes may be Deadly

There are many complications that go “hand-in-hand” with Diabetes. Today we are seeing numerous TV ads about all the medications you can take to help you overcome Neuropathy, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Cholesterol, Retinopothy and a host of other life difficulties that are directly related to the diabetic condition. The drug business is a trillion dollar enterprise.

For the past six months I have had breathing difficulties so off to the doctor I went. Now I’m in the process of going for a CT Scan, a Stress Test and for the Heart and Pulmonary Tests that will determine what my Doctor will have to do to “get me fixed.” Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

I am very aware of my body and never ignore symptoms I am having. Many diabetics do though. In my last Blog I gave you 7 things you can do if you don’t care and 7 things an over comer can do to stay reasonable healthy with the diabetic condition. Which one are you?

In 2008, actually July 19, 2008, I had the honor of lying on an operating table for 51/2 hours for Open Heart Surgery. Long-term Diabetes was the main culprit (probably some of my eating habits too) and here I was suffering through this ordeal. Trust me friends, NOT FUNNY!

Are you one of many who think “nothing’s ever going to happen to me!?” Think about this for a minute. As a young man I was a good physical specimen. I was a Captain in the military, was in the Airborne, always exercised and basically ate right. My family had NO history of diabetes, cancer, or other major diseases. I had an military assignment though, that was extremely stressful but my health seemed fine. One day I woke up dizzy, light headed, and not feeling good. I thought nothing of it until I kept feeling this way every day. All of a sudden I was very thirsty and I drank a gallon of water, urinated it, drank another gallon and urinated it; on and on it went. I was already skinny, but I lost almost 20 pounds in two weeks. After the doctors ran all the tests they came back to me on November 7, 1974 and told me I had Type 1 Diabetes. Nothing was ever going to happen to me, BUT IT DID!