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Discovering Excellent Health

Hi everyone. This is Chuck Hahn. I am one of 25 experts authoring this unique and educational new book. Our Publisher, SAbER Mountain Publishers has told me it’s almost ready to go and we can order it now. Here’s what you will get:

Five different sections covering everything from the importance of eating the right foods to the legal aspects of being prepared if/when something you aren’t expecting happens in your life. Discovering Excellent Health is the first book of its’ kind and has been designed and written in simple terms to help you discover excellent health in your life. A few of the topics in the book are:

  1. Struggling with food issues,
  2. A bad attitude, lack of discipline,
  3. Controlling excess weight,
  4. Sickness in your life
  5. How our senses play an important role in who and what we are.
  6. Legal issues such as health care directives that should be resolved while you are healthy

Discovering Excellent Health has been carefully written by authors with years of experience in their fields and a ton of life experience to go with it. This is one book you must have on your bookshelf.


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