Be an Overcomer

You have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and perhaps your having a hard time staying positive because every day you have to do the same thing over and over again and you are depressed and discouraged. Here are 7 things you can do to ruin your life even more:

  1. Give up. After all the disease will eventually kill me so why bother?
  2. Don’t take my insulin on schedule but only when I want to!
  3. Heck with it. I’m going to eat anything I want.
  4. Since I came down with Diabetes I don’t want to speak to anyone.
  5. I was already a mess, but now that I have Diabetes. Everything is terrible.
  6. Life is no fun so why should I be nice to anyone?
  7. Nothing is funny. Diabetes has taken the fun out of life.


Or, here are 7 things you can relate to that will help you be an overcomer:


  1. Decide right now to turn your thinking around. Yes, I am a Type 1. But look at all the good things I can do to help myself and to help others. So, in this ME world think about how you can help others. This will take your attention off of yourself.
  2. Get yourself on schedule and create new discipline habits in your life. For example, try going to the gym everyday (5 or 6 times a week). Make a schedule and do it. This will help your body and your thinking.
  3. Part of Discipline is eating the right foods and developing a schedule (use the KISS method). This will only take a few minutes. Try this, make a diet and follow it. On the 7th day eat anything you want (within reason). You can do this. WILL YOU Though?
  4. Get a smile on your face. Look around. How many people do you see that almost never smile? Tons right! So, purpose in your heart to start smiling again. Yes, diabetes is difficult to deal with every day, but yes you can be bright and cheery. People will look at you and say, “WOW, look at his/her medical challenges, how come he/she has such a good attitude?” Answer: because he/she decided to step above the mess!
  5. Depression is no fun. Today record numbers of people are discouraged. The world is moving fast. Especially diabetics who have more to worry about than life itself. So, perhaps we can think about this another way. Here it is: The world is moving fast and I have that to deal with this plus diabetes. So, I’m going to start thinking that everyone is my friend and everyone likes me regardless if they do or not. I’m going to concentrate at working on myself and not about all my problems (we all have them). This sounds simple to do, but it’s not. Take a day and tell yourself you are not going to get discouraged or be depressed today. Check it out for yourself.
  6. Take a couple of days and say, “I’m going to have a FUN day today!” Then do it. Once you can get through a day making life fun again, you will be able to do another and another. You are on your way now.
  7. Remember you have to actually try and quit saying “I should.” How about “today I’m going to.”


This is Chuck Hahn the Positive Healing Expert. I’ve changed my life thinking and now all these things are habits. After almost 43 years of diabetes I’m still reasonably healthy. Get my Positive Healing System. The system has been designed to change your bad habits into good habits. It actually works! Go to my website