Forty-one years as a “full-blown” diabetic have taught me many lessons; some hard and some have simply helped me better understand the disease. For many of us, diabetes has been a 24/7 headache requiring ongoing effort. (I’m sure you understand.)

For example, I should have paid more attention to my body when I was first a Diabetic. I was scared so, at first, I tried to ignore the disease. (Image that!) That didn’t work!

Do you have a family member or friend with Diabetes? Are you a Diabetic struggling every day with this persistent and ongoing disease?

Here are five things you can do that will help you stay reasonably healthy:

  • Get involved in a good Diabetic Support Group. There are groups around the United States who can help you overcome the many problems this troubling disease brings into your life. It’s easy to think “woe is me” but in support groups are people with the same and even greater medical issues than you have. There are often guest speakers who are knowledgeable and help others with diabetic issues. You are not alone.

Note: You can find a local support group near you by visiting the American Diabetes Association by clicking here.

  • Work at keeping a good Attitude. Sometimes this can be hard, especially as we age, but a good Life Attitude is healing to the body and will show others they can handle issues that come into their lives. Spend time each day doing something you love such as hiking, meditating, or reading to help bring your mood up. Taking time each day focusing on yourself will help you be more beneficial to those around you.


  • Work on having a good sense of Humor. Not everything is funny or even humorous in life, but if you work at it, a good sense of Humor will be comforting to you and will show others that you are coping with it (diabetes). Did you know there is a “ton” of research showing how a good sense of Humor is healing to the body? Many of us, though, crawl into the pits of depression and almost never smile again. Is that you? If it is pull yourself out of it and Start Living again.


  • Get Discipline into your life. As a diabetic there are things you must do every day. I have been a severe diabetic for 41 years. Every morning I have to check my blood sugar. I never put off. I have disciplined myself to do it.

My friend John, a Type 2 Diabetic, is taking Metformin everyday to help control his blood sugars. He has told me he always feels great and he didn’t need to test his sugar levels. Well a couple of years has gone by and I saw John. Now his doctors are looking for a new kidney for him, he has developed Retinopathy, a disease of the eyes common in Diabetes, and he has heart problems. He told me he has ignored Diabetes because he always felt great until the last 3 or 4 months. His wife had to “talk him in”to seeing his doctor. Bang!

I have a whole ebook called “The Diabetics Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Quality of Life in 16 days!” just to help those who are struggling change their daily habits and get back the life they desire regardless of the setbacks. Download the ebook for free on the homepage of my website.

  • Don’t take everything so seriously. Have fun in life, you only get one. Get it? It took a while, but I got it. Now I’m helping others get it to!!!

Simply incorporate some of these ideas into your life and you will feel better, be better and everyone around you will notice.

My Positive Healing System has been developed to give you a whole new “lease” on life.

When you feel good everything in your life is better!

This is Chuck Hahn the Positive Healing Coach.