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You’ll learn everything I know about increasing your quality of life while living with diabetes (diagnosed in 1974) and how to achieve your goals through my step-by-step proven strategies regardless of the medical setbacks.

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I’m here to help you cope with your medical condition so you don’t feel alone during the process. What if you are the parent of a child with diabetes?  My proven system is for the person or parents of a diabetic child who wants answers and the help they need in controlling diabetes.

Through accountability and the right mindset, you can get through this disease or any other medical condition. Being depressed and discouraged is not the life you want to live. I understand. I’m here to help.

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to be a lonely road.

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Here’s my insight on Hyperglycemia and why you need to pay attention to Hyperglycemia.
I once had a blood glucose level of 987. Watch Now!

Juvenile Diabetes Can Create Serious Medical Challenges

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It IS a Laughing Matter Book
You might be the number one reason you haven’t got a handle on your health…
In my book, “It IS a Laughing Matter”, I share my own journey that has been burdened by serious medical conditions including Type 1 Diabetes. I will show you how five simple principals helped me take back control of my health and how these principles can do the same for you.

Paperback ($14.95) & Kindle Edition ($6.95)

Product Details

Print Length: 140 pages
SIPP: LA106141-1003010
Publisher: S3 Press  (Second Edition January 2015)
Sold by: SAbER Mountain, Inc.
Language: English

In this insightful Little Moment Die-Hard Don’t Wannabe Diabetic book you will discover the journey to Positive Healing while living with diabetes or your medical condition.

This 88 page Little Moment book is perfect to share wisdom with someone who may need some Positive Healing or a point in the right direction.

Included in the insightful book:
• Your mental ATTITUDE
• Your commitment to DISCIPLINE
• A good sense of HUMOR
• A support system of FAMILY
• Plus a strong FAITH that soothes your heart, mind and soul.


Paperback ($7.95)

Discovering Excellent Health

Discovering Excellent Health is a collection of Life-Changing Wisdom ranging from new ideas in self-improvement to alternative methods of healing. From acquiring sound financial health to relationship health and amazing nutritional information. From spiritual awareness to attitude development. This book is not your typical new fad eat right and exercise book. This book contains uncommon wisdom about health and wellness.

  • Print Length: 260 pages (approx)
  • ISBN SBN 978-1-941831-12-0
  • SIPP: EH 106171-1003055
  • Publisher: SAbER Mountain  (S3Press May 2017)
  • Sold by: SAbER Mountain, Inc.
  • Language: English

Paperback ($19.97)

SPECIAL Back-to-School Offer Through Sept 30 $15.97

Discovering Excellent Health #6

  Discovering Excellent Health #6 Are you or does a friend or family member struggle with Health Issues? How’s your nutrition? What are you going to do if you or a family member can no longer function and you don’t have a Medical or Financial Power of Attorney?...

read more

Discovering Excellent Health #5

Did you know that: Some nutritional products can help regulate Diabetes blood sugars Some nutritional products can help stabilize your A1C Checking blood glucose levels several times daily WILL help you stay regulated.  Your positive mental attitude is a strong...

read more

Discovering Excellent Health #4

Are you in a cloud about your health? Many of us are. When we have a condition or are diagnosed with one many of us ignore it. That’s why 25 well known authors have contributed to write Discovering Excellent Health: a new kind of health discovering book covering...

read more

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“This is one of the best autobiographical books I have ever read. The writing is smooth. Chuck’s honesty is courageous and uplifting. The lessons in his book are insightful and could help generations of people. I can’t wait for book two, it left me wanting more.”

Gustavo Marco

Business Entrepreneur

lt IS a Laughing Matter is an important read for anyone experiencing a health crisis, as it helps put life into perspective. It reminds all of us about the importance of family and the invaluable benefit of humor, regardless of life’s



“A riveting read revealing eye opening revelations about self analysis when overcoming personal obstacles. Chuck is the evidence that with tenacity combined with belief and faith all personal hurdles can be battled and mastered.”

Brain A. (Butch) Card

Sergeant Major (Ret), U.S. Army Rangers

“l read your book in one sitting. I found it to be a very easy read and interesting and informative. It sends a positive message about relationship with God, family, wife and your friends and how important they are to a healthy outlook on living. I enjoyed the book and I wish you great success with it in the future.”

George Viglotti

Former Corporate Owner and CEO

“First rate prose from a first time author.  A fascinating tale of one man’s life challenges told in a most eloquent fashion.  A must read for those of us at war with our medical and personal demons.”

Tom Simon

Life Insurance Expert

“If you have health issues or live with someone who does, I recommend this book for both of you. Chuck’s personal stories are funny. His honesty is refreshing and his wisdom is certain. This is a practical guide without the technical side effects. You won’t want to put it down.”

Cindy Hahn

Insurance Professional

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